M1 approved Firemans seat

Stina Eneman News

With urban and city traffic, it’s good to send out a smaller fire appliance ahead of a large Fire Engine, it can manoeuvre quickly through traffic and gain vital minutes to assess the full risk of the task ahead. Also a sometimes a callout to a fire does not require a 6 man Fire Unit, but requires all the equipment and protection for the firemen of a full sized Fire Engine.

One of the biggest challenges in smaller vehicles is interior space, so we have designed the seat, so the cylinder can be placed in the seat ready to go, the fire officer then can get in the vehicle as normal and sit in the seat and buckle up to the cylinder, once the fire officer is ready to leave the vehicle a simple “lean forward” and the cylinder detaches itself from its unique lock. In the event the vehicle is involved in a collision, the Smartdock® “claw” clamps down on the cylinder protecting the occupant from the cylinder during impact.

We have also developed a cover for the cylinder area of the seat, which can be placed over cylinder and the vehicle can be used as a normal non emergency Fire Vehicle with the cylinder function hidden until needed again.

Be-Ge Jany has been supplying the “Blue Light Industry” for the past 17 years and is a well respected supplier. We do not design a seats we “think” the industry needs. We consult and listen to the emergency services and develop products in co-operation with our customers.

We see this as a massive advantage across the Fire Service, not only will it be useful for smaller towns and villages who perhaps cannot justify a full sized unit, but with inner city congestion and escalating fuel costs, the seat opens a whole new avenue for Fleet managers to offer full protection to their officers, in vehicles not previously not thought suitable for their application.