Intensive Care Technology

Stina Eneman News

Holland’s Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) vehicle. Designed and assembled by Dutch builder, Visser Leeuwarden,on a Volvo chassis it’s one of the largest ambulance vehicles in Europe

Based on a Volvo FL290 chassis the MICU has a number of unique clinical and engineering features designed into its construction that make it a complete and total ‘one-off ’. Among its many novelties is a bespoke interior lighting system built into the walls and ceiling of its patient compartment that can be altered to take account of either the patient’s mood or to create clean light for

the clinicians on-board should they be required to dispense more complex clinical-care for the patient who, in most cases, needs intensive monitoring

Our highly successful Jany 805 and 862 seats were chosen as the seats for the rear compartment and In the unlikely event that the MICU box’s bed should ever come free of the chassis during a major collision, the vehicles unique cabinets, with their internal safety cages, will absorb the impact so that the medics sat in our seats will not get trapped. This entire design aspect significantly reduces the likelihood of injury to all occupants in the patient compartment.